mIRC does not work on the Macintosh.

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I am sorry, mIRC is not available for Macintoshes (not even for the iMac). mIRC is written for MS Windows and it will work on all versions 3.1, 95, 98, 2000 and NT. I heard it is possible to use mIRC on a Mac with a Virtual PC program like the SoftWindows 98 emulator made by Insignia Products, but dont ask me anything more about it! This program runs a full version of Windows 98 on the Mac and tricks mIRC that it is running on an Intel/windows machine. See http://www.insignia.com

We have no plans to make a Mac version in the future. Sorry.... (There is tooo little time and already too much to do...) And there already is a good IRC client for Mac's, written by Onno R. Tijdgat, called Ircle. You can find its Homepage at http://www.ircle.com/. Ircle is a Macintosh program to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat). IRC enables you to talk with typed messages, in realtime, to other Internet users around the world. IRC is organized in channels on a specific topic. You can also talk privately with someone. On average there are about 20,000 users and 5,000 channels online on the big IRC networks.

Alternatively there is another Mac program called Snak. See http://www.snak.com/.

Ircle and Snak, like all IRC programs, are perfectly mIRC compatible. From Ircle and snak you will see all your friends using IRC with mIRC and vice versa. Have lots of fun on IRC!!