Tjerk Vonck? Who is that guy?

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The Editor-in-Chief...

I guess it's about the time for me to climb on the soapbox? But since I doubt the world out there is waiting for another boring personal homepage I'll keep this very brief.

Tjerk Vonck? - That's me; living in Holland -no-not-in-Amsterdam-, and mIRC user, beta-tester, FAQ maintainer, Web keeper, creator of the first ever #mIRC and trout-slapper since those early days in February/March 1995. Dont ask me why but I fell in love with mIRC the very first moment I saw it. mIRC is simple in use and offers lots of strong features and options to give me a good time, chatting.

As you see all my interventions with mIRC finally led to visiting London and Khaled, last spring. In all those years we hadn't seen or spoken eachother In Real Life, ever. Isn't IRC great :)

And helping hand...

I assume you already read the IRC Intro and mIRC FAQ?? (Of course you did) YES, you can ask me whatever question you have regarding IRC and mIRC, ...but I kinda hesitate to provide all simple answers over and over, so I'll first filter you through a little self-help FAQ....

    You can not find the Macintosh or UNIX version? Sorry, there is no mIRC for Mac or UNIX and there is no plan to make one. You better get the excellent Ircle for Mac's or one of the IRCii clients for UNIX.

      You can not connect from AOL? AOL protects you from the evil IRC world and blocks most of the IRC servers. Read the AOL Help file to learn what servers you can use without problems.

    Does your DCC malfunction? Your DCC might malfunction due to some simple mis-configuration. Study the DCC Help file to learn what you need to fix.

      You want to mirror these Web pages? Perfect, but I maintain all copies myself on freely provided Web accounts with FTP access. I prefer the hassle of a few stable mirrors I maintain myself over the ease of lots of outdated copies of these pages ;o)

    You want to supply a fresh list of IRC servers of your network? Great, but please keep it short, make a top 3 and throw away rotten servers. Specify all info I need and keep in your mind we can't possibly include all servers of all networks in mIRC. Try to stick to the servers.ini file syntax and the guidelines I placed on the web.

      Your mIRC and/or PC seems to be infected by some trojan virus you picked up on IRC? Please read the detailed instructions on to fix and prevent your problems now and in the future!

    Did you find errors in this website? Or did you find outdated pages on some mirror site? Please send me an email with the exact location of the erroneus page and the problem I should look into. Thanks!

So, you passed by all traps? Your answer wasn't in any FAQ or Help file? The gods of #irchelp failed and #mIRC is baffled? Then amaze me with your questions and/or remarks on these Web pages by Emailing to [email protected]. I'll get to your mail as soon as possible..... I promise!

Tjerk Vonck.