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mIRC is a shareware IRC client for Windows. It is developed and copyrighted by Khaled Mardam-Bey. mIRC is a highly configurable IRC client with all the goodies other clients on UNIX, Macintosh and even on windows offer, combined with a *nice* and clean user interface. mIRC offers full color text lines, DCC File Send and Get capabilities, programmable aliases, a remote commands and events handler, place sensitive popup menu's, a great Switchbar, World Wide Web and sound support, and... a lot more. mIRC is shareware but not crippled in any way...

Why do you need mIRC?

I guess that *if* you decide to explore IRC you should do it with the best program around, not? And assuming you use Windows; Win 3.1x, or Windows 95/98/SE/2000 or NT, that's when you need mIRC....... On the Windows platform several programs offer the possibility to use IRC but these days none of them offers the convenience mIRC gives you..

mIRC will not work on WinCE or other Operating Systems like Linux, Mac OS, PalmOS, Epoc, Atari's or the C64 and we have no plans to make a mIRC version for these and other systems in the future. Sorry, there is tooo little time and toooo much to do...

mIRC offers lots of tools, functions and features.

mIRC attempts to provide a user-friendly interface for use with the IRC network with powerfull tools and features. Lets give a small list of those features:

  • A Toolbar with fancy Tooltips.
    The Toolbar provides easy access to the most frequently used commands in mIRC. It guarantees ease of use to new users of mIRC and stimulates to explore all mIRC's advanced features.

  • Programmable Function keys.
    The Function keys provide quick access to the commands you use most frequently... Every command -you- want can be programmed to be launched by whatever Function key you choose.

  • Full support of World Wide Web.
    mIRC guarantees easy access to the WWW pages you talk about on IRC by supporting all three major WWW browsers. Netscape, Mosaic and MS Internet Explorer can communicate fully with mIRC by use of the by default configured DDE services. You can even join IRC channels right from the World Wide Web !

  • A Remote CTCP Commands handler.
    mIRC leaves it up to you how you want to auto-respond to ctcp commands given by other people on the net. The fully programmable Client To Client Protocol Commands Handler gives you all the freedom you want.

  • A Simple Events handler.
    The Events handler in mIRC completes the automatic skills you can expect from a good IRC client. It is possible to construct whatever reaction -you- want to give on what happens around you on (your) channels. Still not beaten by any other Windows IRC client !

  • A built in DCC File Server.
    Give your friends fast and easy access to the files you want to share with them... No hassle, no pain. A fast direct client to client (DCC) connection will be automatically set up by a simple command, and present the interface of a simple FTP server to your friends.

  • colored text to ease reading.
    Bored of the black and white interfaces other IRC clients offer you ?? mIRC offers you smart use of colors to ease up reading of spoken text and differentiating server and controll messages from it. You can even send full color messages to other users :-)

  • A handful of options.
    Easy options to set mIRC to behave and show the interface -you- like...

  • Uncluttered display, smart use of separate windows.
    mIRC's screen routines will built up your screen fast and smooth. The text in windows, even the dialogs with long lists of commands and/or events you programmed, and the nicknames in the channels' names lists will pop-up fast.

  • Simple aliases.
    Too lazy to type long commands ?? Or you have some long replies or jokes you use a lot ?? Give them their own short aliases in a very easy way in the fully configurable alias section. You can even program the Function keys!

  • Configurable popup menus and a programmable menu bar item.
    mIRC offers great, fully programmable popup menu's under your right mouse button... Just a single click away ! You can even program your own menu bar items. Another thing NO other IRC client offers at the moment...

  • Full DCC Send/Get/Chat and DCC Resume !!
    mIRC does not limit ANY function.... mIRC is shareware but, even while you've not yet registered, the DCC functions are fully at your service. You can send and recieve files and open DCC Chat connections. Also, mIRC set the standard for a smart and unique DCC Resume protocol fully compatible with the existing DCC implementations in other clients. More and more clients support this superb funtionality!

  • Full Fonts support.
    With mIRC you can use all the fonts available on your system.... Whatever you like most, Times New Roman, Courier, MS Sans Serif, Wingdings or even Script.... you can use it!

  • Complete support of IRC text extentions.
    mIRC displays all usual text extentions like bold, underline and reverse. And you can use them all mixed, even mixed with colors!

  • Smoothly built in Ident server.
    No hassle, no external programs... mIRC offers a small, clean, built in Ident server, providing access to all IRC servers that require you to be identified properly.

  • Finger client and server !
    Some of us still use Fingering to check for new mail... back to the goood old days of UNIX. In mIRC, fingering is provided for fun and the 40+ people ;o) ...and to meet us newbies without a clue recently even a finger server is added to mIRC!

  • Excellent built in Help !
    If there is anything you dont understand ? Hit F1 in mIRC to learn more about whatever built in function or IRC in general... or pick up some additional help files and use mIRC's Unique Dynamic Help system to explore them!!

    Draw your conclusions..... Windows + IRC = mIRC

    Others about mIRC.

    Lots of people use mIRC, and even made their own WWW pages about it ! Here are some for you to check out. Pick up new ideas and tricks to make better and smarter use of mIRC. And let them tell you why they use mIRC ;o) When you want to read even more details about mIRC, or when you want to explore handy feature and functions, or when you have a problem to solve, read the mIRC FAQ. The FAQ file, for 'Frequently Asked Questions', answers most of the questions asked in the past years and offers solutions to a wide range of problems you might encounter.

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    If you're still not convinced you should check out the many, many other useful bits and pieces in mIRC by getting and installing it !