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mIRC offers the possibility to easily join channels and IRC networks advertised on the World Wide Web. You can create collections of your favorite chat channels on your homepage and include links to them! After that you and your friends can easily click on a link and mIRC will be started automagically and join the channel and/or server you selected.

In the File/Options/IRC/Catcher/ dialog you'll see some options to 'Enable support for chat links' and to '(Always) Confirm chat link requests'. For safety reasons better keep the latter enabled.

Examples of Chat Links using the irc://... format.

mIRC 5.82 supports URL's of the irc:// format. This makes it very easy to add a link on your website leading to your favorite IRC channel! This also is the best way to make sure your girlfriend arrives at the proper channel to meet you ;-) Simply send her an URL like irc://undernet/loveyou by E-mail. Give it a try?

Please note however that this at the moment only seems to be working for MS Internet Exploder, not Netscape, not sure why yet... We're still working on this :)

This service is smart enough to see if a mIRC is already running on your PC. If so it is used. If no active mIRC is found, it is started. A confirmation dialog will pop up if mIRC is already running and connected to a server. It will ask you what to do; reconnect, just join the channel or start a new instance of mIRC. Here, some more examples bringing you to #mIRC;

If the link specifies a server address, mIRC will (re)try to connect to that specific server. If the link just specifies a network name, it will simply pick a server on that network. If no network or server is specified, as is the irc:///mIRC example, mIRC will use your current or most recently used IRC network.

The older system of Chat Links using .chat files.

With the feature described above you can easily create your own links from the Web to IRC. Alternatively you can use the older .chat file format. With these .chat files, when you click on a link, your web browser will download a .chat file with connection instructions for mIRC and start mIRC on-the-fly. To create your own links you just have to create a .chat file with the proper information and place it on your Web site. We have explained this in detail in a special helpfile.